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As some of you might have already read in Werner’s latest journal entry, he recently had the pleasure and privilege of making a new friend in Gib. One evening, whilst dining with a friend (actually his yacht-landlord) at a local restaurant, they met with the owner. André was very keen to hear Werner’s story and every detail about the K4A expedition. At the end of the evening André had offered to sponsor Werner with a satellite phone – some of you will know how elusive this item sponsorship has been, and how we as a support team has felt that it has become an absolute must have for this next leg of the expedition – together with some $700 of air time! Needless to say, Werner was over the moon! However, this is not where the evening ended. André himself has participated in adventure expeditions in an earlier part of his life, and offered to sponsor the manual desalinator as well. This is one expensive piece of equipment and shows André’s appreciation of the value and essential nature of the support equipment. We as a support team are equally appreciative of this contribution!

This as far as equipment goes, but showing his true heart, André committed to a substantial financial contribution when Werner successfully arrives in Durban, South Africa, in aid of the shelter. Until Werner is on the water again, and we trust all the preparations of the last two months will come together in the next two weeks, Werner is having his meals at Andre’s restaurant!

From all of Werner’s supporters, sponsors, volunteers, fans, friends and family, thank you for your involvement André!

Welcome to Kayak 4 Aids!

This website is your portal into the world of Werner Stoltz, a man who has taken the pledge to do something about HIV/AIDS. With the help of God and his sponsors, Werner will be the first person to attempt one of the most adventurous and dangerous expedentions to raise awareness and money for HIV/AIDS: a solo kayak trip from London, UK to Durban, South Africa - a total of 16 000km! We invite you to be a part of this groundbreaking journey!

Between July and September 2005 Werner successfully circumnavigated the Irish coastline in 55 days with a sea kayak. He completed the 1 740km circumnavigation completely solo, raising money for children infected with HIV.


Total distance: 17 000 kms Estimated time:84 weeks Start date:June 8th

The expedition will take Werner an estimated 84 weeks in some of the toughest conditions imaginable. His dream is to raise R2 000 000 to open a AIDS shelter called "the Nineveh Project" in South Africa. His expedition will take him from the United Kingdom to France, West Spain, Portugal, South Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique to finally arrive in Durban - South Africa.

Wener is a 24-year-old Christian who played rugby in Ireland for four years until he had a serious neck and head injury, preventing him from playing most sports. Werner says: "I would never be doing what I'm doing if its wasn't for that injury, so praise the Lord for opening my eyes."

You can help Werner and Kayak 4 Aids, by making an online donation, buying a pixel of this website for your company or joining our kayak club. You will be making a real differerce to many less fortunate!

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